Hog-Words TED


10 Ноября, Пятница
Начало: 19:00
Место: детская библиотека
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Hog-Words TED

Welcome to hog-words English club ™

Who are we and what do we do?

We're just a bunch of people gathering on Friday evenings to practice our English speaking skills.

What is the plan of the meeting?

At the very beginning of the meeting we watch a TED video (for those who haven't seen it at home). Then we have the new words section with 2-minute practice for each word. This is supposed to be good for expanding the visitor's vocabulary. Right after that we split into small circles of up to 5 people to discuss the ideas that we've just heard. At the end of the meeting we have three short speeches at our stage — those guys present TED videos they like (i.e. they make a sort of an advertisement, like a trailer before movie) so we can vote for them and schedule one for the next meeting.

What are the skills required to visit this club?

If you can read this article, then you surely should come.

Can I come and just listen?

Yes, you can, but what is the point of being silent? Come and say something.

Are there foreigners at the meetings?

Sometimes yes, but mostly no. If you come with a foreign friend, everyone will be happy.

Can I have my own speech at the club?

Sure! But first we'd recommend that you present a TED video at the end of the meeting. After that, when we know each other much better, we may discuss ideas and opportunities of your speech.

How long has this place been around?

This autumn is going to be our 5th season.

Check our page for the correct schedule, exact locations and extras: vk.com/o.circ

Требуемый уровень знания английского не ниже Intermediate.

Фото: flickr.com, Virat Jain